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The NASUWT Suffolk Federation are the local committee who organise the union throughout Suffolk. Suffolk is split into three Local Associations; North, South and West Suffolk. Each of the Local Associations can elect a number of members to Federation, which allows for a whole Suffolk approach to negotiating on policies and academy transfers with the county council, but also allows a more local approach to training and support with this being provided by each local association.

The Federation Committee has a number of key roles, the most important being the negotiating secretary, whose works very closely with Suffolk County Council to ensure that fair policies are put in place across the county, which abide by the NASUWT's guidance.

If you would like to be involved with the Federation the first step is to become active in your Local Association by attending the meetings. The details for these can be found on each of the Local Associations' pages on this site.


Federation Officers

Negotiating Secretary – Sheri Breeze (South Suffolk)
President – Richard Hawes (West Suffolk)
Vice-President – Jo Bustos (South Suffolk)

Treasurer – Mike Boast (North Suffolk)
Health and Safety Officer – Simon Whitney (South Suffolk)

All Local Association Secretaries have a standing invitation to attend Federation Meetings and other members can be elected by their Local Associations to attend.

Federation Updates

Coming Soon!

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